The Power of Purpose!

20160113_191244Every piece that we do has a history, just like you or me. It has seen things and been a part of someone’s home. Most of the time we aren’t privileged enough to know the back story to our pieces. But that doesn’t stop me from wondering! This piece is a little rough around the edges, like it had been given some love in it’s past. It’s original purpose is to be an entertainment center. These types of pieces we see a lot in our business due to the fact that people don’t use enclosed entertainment centers any more. Flat screens and over sized TV’s have put these pieces out of commission. What we try to do at Rustic Corner is to give these pieces new life by changing their purpose.

Ethan has revamped this piece by first taking off the doors. In doing so it opens up the piece and creates a more airy feel to it. The next step was inserting another shelf. He positioned the shelf in such a way to create enough space on top and bottom to hold 10 1/2 x 11 storage containers. The canvas containers are very attractive and can bring a pop of color to this piece without breaking the bank!DSCF4262

His next step was to brighten up the piece by dry brushing white. The piece was an off white, almost cream to begin with. By adding the brighter white, it gave the piece a distressed aged look. To finish it off, he added fabric over the back section. This creates an entirely new look. With the fine sophistication of a black and white pattern, this piece went from drab to fabulous in a matter of minutes. The amazing part about a fabric backing is that when the new owner gets tired of the pattern, it is easily replaceable for an entirely new look!

DSCF4265By adding our cinderella spin to this piece with a few simple adjustments, it has a new purpose. With a renewed purpose this piece isn’t old and outdated anymore. It has a future with a lot more history to be made! You know, this process doesn’t just have to be for furniture. Find new opportunities to renew your purpose in life. Make history! The Power of Purpose is amazing!

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