Flower Power- The beauty in Imperfection

Hello everyone! So last week we started a discussion about staining and different techniques to use. My first staining project that I worked on is now our dining room table that I inherited from my wonderful grandparents. Thank you PopPop and MomMom! DSCF4624

I first started out my design by lightly drawing on a pattern in pencil. I used a dark
walnut stain to achieve the look that I wanted. It is important to pick a dark stain in order to get effective shading. Start out by DSCF4626applying a dark layer to the base of the petal with a rag.

I used an old t-shirt and my finger. That seems to work really well and gives me more control over my design than to use a brush.  Give it a minute to soak in and then start moving the stain out to the point of the petal, working the stain in as you go. This gives a nice ombre look to the petal since there is less stain to soak in near the point.
In order to create more contrast, apply more stain to the base and repeat the process. I did this to every petal around the table, the petals getting bigger as they get farther away from the center. To finish off the table, we applied the same stain to the base to give it a cohesive look. Since this is our dining room table, Ethan added ultra thick commercial bar polyurethane to the top since it is in use daily.


The next piece I want to show you is relatively the same in set up but a little different in the staining technique. I started out the same, by drawing my design.DSCF4633 I used the same dark walnut stain but instead of putting a dark layer at the base of the petals, I wanted more of a striated look to them to kind of mimic the veins in petals. Using my rag, I started at the base of the petal and created a stripe to the point. Repeat this process several times per petal until the desired pattern is achieved, always starting at the base. This will automatically give more of a darker shade at the base of the petal, to create the ombre look. DSCF4642When making a new petal, I tried to leave a small outline of unstained wood to distinguish between petals better. This table has a four leg base that Ethan painted white for a nice contrast.

Flower designs are a trademark of mine and can be seen in different places around my home. I love flowers because at first glance they seem perfect and completely flawless. But under deeper inspection, one can clearly see the imperfections. I love the imperfections. They are what make us unique and one of a kind. When God made us, He could have made everyone of us flawless because He is God. But He didn’t. He made each and every one of us different. I have learned to love my flaws and my imperfections because with out them I wouldn’t be me. Believe me it didn’t happen overnight! Thank God for your imperfections and see the beauty in them because they are what make you, you!

Happy Staining and Cinderella On!

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