To the Tub!

Feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and in need of some down time? Whenever I feel that way I retreat to the bathtub! Growing up, the tub was a place to play with Noah’s Arc or my little mermaids but as I have gotten older it has slowly morphed into a more relaxing place to be. Soaking in the warm water, reading a book and eating ice cream has a way of melting away the stress and grime of the day. In its place blossoms a rejuvenated wife and mom, ready to take on the world…..or just the next mess!


The project we had this week is about….you guessed it! A beautiful claw foot bathtub! This beauty came to us in very rough shape, rusted and in need of a lot of love. Just like how my bath time experiences have changed throughout the years, it was time to cinderella the tub into something a bit different. What could that be? A couch of course!

Our first step was to take the feet off of the bottom. Ethan then began the real transformation by cutting out the side of the tub. By using a diamond bit disc grinder, the cast iron cut like butter! Once the main cut was made, the edges were smoothed out with a little sanding. 20160118_174235

Rustoleum Ultra Cover- glossy, was our choice of paint for this project. It is really nice because it gives it a gorgeous shine!  It is best to apply two coats for a beautiful even finish. We chose to use black for the outside and white for inside so that whatever accent colors we chose would really pop! The feet were also done in white, really accenting the designs. 20160119_14382820160118_130152








To finish off our couch, Ethan, Oliver (our son), and I did a little fabric shopping for just the right patterns and colors. We wanted something that would really stand out and be fun. We used square feather pillows as our base, and with the help of Grandma Bohlman, we had pillow covers in no time! Thanks Grandma!


When I see this piece it instantly brings a smile to my face. I have always wanted a claw foot tub and although this one won’t stay in our home, it was such a joy to work on! Ethan and I love working together and creating pieces for others to enjoy. It is fun to envision our pieces in their new homes. To me, I see this piece going to a vibrant home. One where it will get a lot of love and be a place to enjoy family and relax!

Cinderella On!

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