Tuning In….

Who gets lost in the static? In the world today there are so many distractions that end up monopolizing our time. Getting that next promotion, the newest TV show or video game. It seems like when we conquer one distraction, another one pops up in it’s place. I know for Ethan and I, we work really hard to tune into each other when we get home from work. We call it our couch time. Time where we talk, share and dream together without distractions. Sometimes we even manage it without Ollie man!

Well this weeks project definitely needed a tune up! This antique radio came to us in DSCF4318excellent condition, except for the fact that it no longer worked. Ethan did a lot of research on this piece to see what restoring it would cost. To fully restore it to its glory days would have taken a lot more than we were able to put into it. So he went to plan B. I have to say I have been blessed with a truly talented hubby! Ethan decided to make this radio into a wine cabinet! Crazy right?

His first steps were to remove the radio face, speaker and record player. This left him with some extra space to be creative with. Removing the radio face left him with an opening that fits four wine bottles perfectly. He added tracts to the base so that the bottles have sections to sit in and not roll. Where the speaker was, Ethan added two sections of angled wood to create another storage area for bottles. The record player drawer was left empty in order to accommodate for a ice bucket for easy chilling! In the cabinets on either side, wine glass tracts were added for perfect storage. DSCF4876
Doesn’t that just look amazing! Ethan dry brushed gray, tan and black to give the piece some depth. The final touch was to coat the whole piece with a high gloss polyurethane. DSCF4904









I think my favorite part about the whole piece is how he incorporated the radio face back into the piece. It would have been easier to leave it off of the top but I think it really draws the piece together and adds character. Take time this week to really tune into what is important and holds value. Just like with an old time radio, it might take some tuning to get it just right  but time is very precious, so tune out the static and tune in to your loved ones. It is amazing to see relationships flourish when undivided attention is given to them!DSCF4907

Cinderella On!


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