Simple Changes!

Sometimes change can be really hard. For instance, single to married or married adults to parents. With each change in our lives we mold and become different. Priorities change and different opportunities present themselves. Change for me can be very hard. I relish in keeping my schedule the same and predictable. I stomp my foot at change! Ethan on the other hand is the spokesperson for change. He loves it! Change is the opportunity to try new things and be creative.

Rustic Corner would not be what it is today without all of the changes that my husband has done to it. From a disgusting concrete dump, Ethan has worked hard to bring a look of rustic sophistication to our store. The best part is that changes are still happening! We have recently created an “Out of the Box” booth. This booth takes the crazy ideas of “Pinterest” dreams and makes them a reality.DSCF4929

Adding walls to either side of the booth creates a homey feel and a lot of extra wall space to  hang art work. We went with the brick look to create epic contrast between the concrete floor and the pallet walls. Within each wall are four outlets. Two on the bottom section for lamps and such. The other outlets are on the top of the walls for easy plug ins for the hanging lights. Ethan also added track lighting to the center of the booth to put our special pieces in the spotlight! We are excited with the possibilities of this booth and the unique pieces that can be found in here. DSCF4927

DSCF4928We hope to be making more changes like this in the future to keep our store the most unique on Chicago Dr! So I guess what I am saying is that Ethan is slowly making me a fan of change and the wonderful things that happen when we switch things up a bit! But in all seriousness, change does need to happen in order for anything to grow. It has been amazing to see what simple changes have occurred since Rustic Corner opened in July and how we have grown in reputation and style!

So if you have any crazy bright ideas that you want to see brought to life, we embrace challenge and change! Send us your ideas!


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