Art of the Table!

Tables… what do we use tables for? Everything! Our table at home is main control center for our home. It is where we eat, share and play together. It is also where we dream and create as a family. So every table that Ethan and I work on together holds special meaning for us. The table that we are featuring this week is one that has been in our store for a couple of months without any bites.  Once things have been around for a while, Ethan and I start thinking of ways to improve it and make it more unique.

This table started out with a very light stain and a matte finish to it. 20160112_133631I really enjoy this table because it has five legs and vintage wheels. It makes it really easy to move and definitely unique. Ethan began by sanding down the top of the table to get rid of all of the existing stain and poly. He then applied  a dark walnut stain to the top. This really brought out the design in the grain! The next step was to paint the trim around the top and the legs black. Once that was complete, he added a high gloss polyurethane to the entire piece.


To accompany the table, Ethan found a set of four vintage curved chairs. He stained the seat with the same dark walnut as the table top and painted the rest of the chair with black. DSCF5006

I just love the details that are so unique on each of these seats!










To finish the chairs he coated them with the high gloss polyurethane. The set together looks amazing, like they were made for each other!DSCF5009

This set of table and chairs will make a nice addition to anyones home. It combines function with a hint of fine sophistication. We hope this will be a place for family and friends to gather and create memories! My friend, Beth and I always have the most epic of conversations around our dining room tables! Maybe the same will be for you!

Cinderella On!

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