Lego Love!

Ethan and I both grew up in large families with many boys so the fact that we had legos growing up is a no brainer! We would spend hours creating towns, castles or reenacting battles. This was something my brothers and I could actually do together that didn’t end in world war three! Ollie is not quite at the age where we can play legos together but he already has quite the stash from Ethan and we can’t wait to make those special memories together.

This weeks project would make any lego enthusiast grow weak at the knees! DSCF4986Ethan started out with a solid wood coffee table with six panes of glass on the top. The first step was to remove the glass. We kept the glass for future projects because who knows, the possibilities are endless!  Ethan then removed the bottom shelf for easier access to the underside of the table. Flipping the table over, he then added a 1×4 board down the center of the table. The original plan was to add 1×4’s around the whole perimeter but the edges were not flush with center. So Ethan finished off the edges by adding 2×4’s around the whole perimeter. He had to rip them down a half inch to make them flush with the center piece.

Once the framing for the underside of the table was complete,DSCF5014 Ethan measured and cut pieces of 1 inch thick wood to insert where the glass once was. In order for those pieces to sit flush, he ran them through the planer to get rid of 1/8 the thickness. With all the measuring and wood working done, the cosmetic work began. The first step was to sand the whole table to help the paint adhere. We chose a black semi-gloss paint to coat the whole table as well as the bottom self.
DSCF5107While the table was drying we started our next step. Using 15×15 inch baseplates made for legos, Ethan cut them down to 11×13 inches to fit our wood inserts. He then used construction adhesive to attach the baseplates to the wood inserts. We let them dry overnight.

The next morning we completed our table by applying a minwax finish to the entire surface. This is a protective coating that we apply to many of our pieces. Once the piece was fully waxed, we put our wood inserts back in. Thats when the real fun began, Lego time!DSCF5105

DSCF5106My favorite part about this piece it that each wood inserts can be easily removed. New inserts can easily be made in classic blue or green for a constant changing look!

Ethan and I both really love this piece because Legos have been a part of our lives literally forever. We hope to share our love with Ollie when he gets big enough. We would love to have a piece like this in our home someday. A place where each of us can create and make memories with each other all at the same table!


Cinderella On!

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