Lego Love Part 2!

As we all know every amazing piece needs an equally amazing side kick! From last weeks post you all know how much fun Legos are and how much they mean to Ethan and I. So this week Ethan decided to carry the theme through by making a gorgeous Lego dresser.

DSCF5020This was another dresser that we found that was in pretty rough shape by the time it came to our back room. After a little inspection we found that it was completely structurally sound but just needed some cosmetic help. Ethan sanded the whole piece to begin with so that the paint would adhere better to the wood.DSCF5017 We chose a matte black paint for everything excluding the drawers. Once the main dresser was completely dry, we tucked it away and the real fun began!







Ethan took a 1 1/2 inch wooden dowel and cut it into 1 1/4 inch sections. We needed 48 of these pieces , 8 per drawer. Arranging them so that there were four circles on top and four on bottom made the drawers look like giant legos! Ethan was able to attach the circles by first pre drilling all the way through the drawer face. He then coated the back of the circles with liquid nails (a construction adhesive). Screwing through the pre drilled hole, he was able to attach the circles. The next step was to paint the drawers. Ethan began by painting each drawer a different color with an eggshell/satin paint. He was able to do a couple of coats on each drawer but we were not getting the desired effect of an even coat.DSCF5152 For the final coat we ended up making up chalk paint in the same color for each of the drawers. This created the nice even finish that we wanted. Once the drawers were finished and back in their proper place, we coated the whole piece with a clear coat of minwax.

This is an amazing piece of furniture that can function as a dresser for a Lego loving enthusiast or even a game cupboard. The fun possibilities are endless!

Cinderella On Readers!!!

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  1. My son WAAAAANTS this. 🙂

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