Sweet and Sour

Being a new mom and business owner, there are times where I feel discouraged and run down. I like to call those times my sour times. Generally because I haven’t showered in a few days and I have spit up or other “things” from my son somewhere on my outfit! Gross right?! My kitchen is usually scattered with dirty dishes and Ollie’s clothes are strewn everywhere. These are generally the times that I feel like a terrible wife, mom and business partner to my husband.

DSCF5256I think this is why I am really excited to share about this weeks Cinderella piece.
This gorgeous armoire Ethan rescued out of a house down town Grand Rapids earlier this month. It was a smokers home, so naturally this piece smelled of smoke, which is a big deal in our business because who wants to buy something that stinks right? In the past we haven’t had much luck with pieces that smell because for some pieces the stink has fully penetrated into the wood. DSCF5259Ethan did some research online to look at our options.

The first step was to mix 1 part vinegar to two parts water in a spray bottle. Ethan lightly sprayed the whole piece with the mixture. It is really important to spray within the drawers as well. Step two brings in baking soda. With a damp cloth, Ethan spread the baking soda all over the piece, making sure to cover every surface. It is important to really work it in to the grain as you go. He then let it sit overnight. The next morning we wiped away all of the baking soda and sprinkled fresh coffee grounds within the drawers and on the surfaces that we could. Let that sit overnight as well. The next day we were able to vacuum up the grounds and we’re happy to report that the smell is gone!!!

The next step was to remove all of the hardware and paint the piece white. We use a matte paint to get the finish we like. Ethan applied two coats and it covered very nicely. We let it dry for a full day before doing the rest of our work. DSCF5323Ethan applied the final touches by sanding the piece to give it the aged look. He did have to replace some hardware, some screws and such but not much. Once all of the hardware was placed back on the piece , we were able to bring it out into the store!

This piece has been a good reminder to me that sometimes things can stink and be totally disgusting, but all they need is a little pampering to get them sweet again.DSCF5325
Those are the times that I tell myself to breathe and start checking things off my list one by one and try not to take on the world all at once. It is usually helpful for a shower and change of clothes to be items one and two on the list!  It amazing what clean hair and fresh clothes can do! So take a few minutes this week and take the sour and make it into sweet!









Cinderella On!

1 thought on “Sweet and Sour

  1. Wow! The patience needed to complete this piece just shows your dedication to creating high quality items which will bless another family for a life time. Congratulations! It looks wonderful!

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