Have a Seat

Ethan and I both come from families with six kids. Wow, right?! Having one is amazing, but I can’t imagine six! Props to our parents who not only survived but are excellent parents and grand parents. Anyway, with that many kids, single beds were just impractical, so they stacked us. In my parents house we had three sets of bunk beds and Ethan, growing up remembers a triple bunk! Now we have all gone off to our own houses and some of the bunks have traveled with some of my brothers, but what is there to be done with the others?

People don’t seem to keep their twin size beds anymore. Guest bedrooms are more than likely filled with queen beds to accommodate a traveling couple. Because of that, Ethan has been able to collect so many head/foot boards, we had to become creative! Bed Bench! Why not? This can work with a variety of head and foot boards, beginning with the very simple and practical. It can range to very elaborate benches as well. We haven’t ventured to the elaborate quite yet but stayed tuned, it is bound to happen.

The first step is to select the perfect head/foot board. Then create a box that runs the length of the boards and create the depth to your desire. We created ours with a standard depth of 16 in. Once the box is made, attach it to the headboard at a height of 18 in. We then flipped the foot board upside down and attached that to the box and headboard. DSCF4930We flipped the foot board in order to use the straight edge of the bottom instead of having to cut into the wood. Once that was all assembled, Ethan cut pallet wood into planks to create the seat. After nailing the planks in, viola! A Bed Bench!
The next step was to dry brush the whole piece with white and lightly distress areas. This was a custom piece that we made for a couple and they specifically asked for “Home Sweet Home” to be written across the top. I created my own stencils and traced the words. We then filled in the words with black paint to really make them stand out against the white. Once everything was dry, we coated the piece with Minwax to complete the piece.

This is an amazing option for all those spare beds! It would be perfect in the home, on a front porch or in a flower bed!



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