Something Old, Something New!

DSCF5431Hi Everyone, I wanted to start out this week with an update on Ollie. Surgery went well and we are praising God for a beautiful and healthy boy! We were able to come home from the hospital on Friday morning and he is doing wonderful. Thank you for all the prayers.

Well we kind of dropped the ball on this project. I forgot to take before pictures of this amazing piece! So work with me here and use your imagination. Ethan was able to pick up this piece for me a few weeks ago. When we found it, the glass was covered in floral fabric and we were only given the top piece. It originally had a mirror backing on it but was cracked.

The first part of this project was to remove the fabric from around the glass. Then we removed the glass to make it easier to paint that way. I did a dry brush effect with white and gray to give it the aged look. Once the paint was dry, we placed the glass back in and moved to the back of the piece. Not being able to fix the mirror, we had to remove that from the back. Ethan had the great idea of adding a brick backing to it, to give it a unique flair. We did a little dry brushing on it as well and viola, the top section was complete. DSCF5570

For the base, Ethan created a beautiful table from scratch. He began with making the long rectangular box and then inserted the legs underneath. He patched any holes he made with wood filler and then we stained the whole piece. Staining was something we weren’t quite sure would work, since wood filler doesn’t stain evenly. Not liking the effect, I painted the piece gray and did a white dry brush to tie the two pieces together.

Overall, this piece went from 1970’s funky floral to modern day chic with just a few touch ups! Isn’t it amazing to think that something old and something new when put together is a great combination!DSCF5472

Cinderella On!

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