Penny for your Thoughts…..

Penny for your thoughts……. What an odd saying in today’s world. What is a penny these days? Something that is tossed in a jar, easily forgotten. Or the only form of money a person would rather step on, than make the effort to bend over and pick up. So to pay someone a penny for their thoughts is a pretty shotty deal in today world don’t you think? Well by the time you have heard about our next project, a penny won’t just be a penny anymore!

This project started out like any other, a crazy Pinterest find of course! DSCF5251Ethan found me a beautiful pedestal bottom dining room table. It was a little rough and needed some work but as soon as we saw it, we knew it needed to be a penny table! Our first step was to reinforce the underside of the table by adding 2×4’s to hold each half together securely. The table originally had a seam down the middle and since our top needed to be one piece, Ethan cut out a matching top of plywood that we secured to the existing table top with construction adhesive and nails. He then sanded down the edges to make them flush with each other.DSCF5480 The next step was to apply a finishing veneer to the edge of the table top to create a nice even finish. This was a little more difficult than expected, trying to keep the veneer even all the way around. But we persevered and it turned out very nice.

Once the woodworking was complete, Ethan sanded the top one more time for a nice even finish. We then applied a coat of black paint to the whole table. Once the paint was dry, it was penny time! We went to our local bank and picked up the pennies we needed, trust me, it was much nicer than trying to scrounge around to find lost pennies in our house!DSCF5488 Laying the pennies out can be a lengthy process but with the two of us working together, time flew! We started out by turning all the pennies heads up and worked out way all around the table. As we were going, we decided to do some rows of just shiny pennies to add a little design to our table.

The final process was to mix and apply a pour on high gloss finish. This is a more expensive option than a regular polyurethane but it is very thick. Begin by pouring in the middle and slowly moving to the outside. Ethan than used a scraper to manipulate the finish to cover the whole table.DSCF5499 We then let the table sit for 48 hours for the finish to fully set.The final step was to coat the base with a regular high gloss finish to tie the whole table together.




Did we change your mind about the value of a penny? Sometimes thoughts, ideas and even pennies have more value than we originally think! So next time you see a penny, don’t just ignore it, pick it up! Create something beautiful!

Cinderella On!

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