It’s Pallet Time!

Time is a crazy concept isn’t it? There are times when the day just simply drags and times when the day seems to be dragging me around! I can truly say that I have more appreciation for every hour of the day now that I am a parent. Those couple of hours a day that Ollie sleeps are my tiny bits of heaven when I can get projects done that don’t need a little man’s help. Like this blog! He hasn’t mastered writing quite yet, but this past week he has started to say “Dada” and “Mama”! So exciting!

Okay, back on track. If you haven’t guessed it yet, this week we made a project that deals with time. I have always had a fascination with clocks. All the credit for that goes to my Dad, who has always had a variety of different clocks in our house. They are simply a work of art, all the mechanisms and different sounds they make as well as the designs. Some of our clocks at home were so beautifully handcrafted and intricate. In fact, Ollie loves to watch them when we visit.

We were fortunate enough to come across a large spool,

Our big helper!

one of those that wire is wrapped around. When we saw it, I immediately thought giant clock! Ethan was able to remove the top and then the fun began. He sanded the top just enough to take off any rough edges but didn’t sand it down completely because we liked all of the character. He then added different stain to every board for a variation in color. Once the stain was dry we were able to attach the numbers. We just went to the local hardware store and bought brass house numbers.


The only tricky part about this project  was finding the right mechanism for the center. Most of what we found at local hardware stores was for smaller clocks but since our clock is four feet across, they all looked to small. 00x0x_caXtRG2eUQG_600x450Ethan eventually found what we wanted online and it was shipped within the week. With the mechanism comes a diagram for attaching the numbers. It made it super easy and within ten minutes all of the numbers were on. In order to attach the mechanism, Ethan had to remove the metal ring in the center of the face. Once the was removed, the hole was a perfect fit for the mechanism. Ethan used construction adhesive to attach the mechanism so that it wouldn’t move. The final step was to attach two industrial hooks to the back and viola! Pallet Clock!

DSCF5684This was a relatively easy project that turned out magnificent! There is such beauty in the simplicity. The slight color makes it so unique! We wanted to go with the brass numbers so that they wouldn’t distract too much from the face of the clock but give it just enough to be seen.

Well my blogging time today is officially up! Enjoy the quiet moments and relish the busy ones, they are what make life fun!

Cinderella On!

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