Celebration of a Year!

525,600 minutes,  8760 hours or 365 days in a year! With that much time, one would think a year would just drag. But it doesn’t! Time flies and for Ethan and I, so much has occurred in our first year of marriage. Thats right, its anniversary time! Ethan and I were married May 9, 2015 at Post Family Farm. It started out as a beautiful rainy day and as time 119IMG_5283approached for the ceremony, the skies cleared and God blessed us with a wonderful time.

After our honeymoon we moved into our one room apartment, which sported a working kitchen, toilet and solitary bed in the corner. Needless to say it wasn’t much, but it was ours. Slowly as the weeks progressed we made our house, our home. We created memories with much laughter as well as many tears. Countless hours were spent in the store putting on finishing touches so we could finally open our doors in July. With our Grand Opening we had one vendor and we provided the rest of the furniture. In order to keep on top of things,  we took a leap of faith. Ethan quit his full time job with Home Acres Building Supply Company and started working our business full time. What a transition for him but one that he never regrets!

In August I was able to quit my job as an MRI tech at Sparrow hospital and transition into a job here in town at Blodgett hospital. What an amazing move it was for me as I love the girls I work with and have a flexible schedule to be able to help Ethan with the store when he needs me to.

The middle of October brought the wonderful gift of our handsome baby boy Oliver. He has brought so much joy and laughter with him! It is amazing to see what a wonderful blend of both of our personalities emerge from him every day!

905IMG_6289Needless to say, we have been blessed abundantly in this first year of marriage. There have been many ups and downs, laughter and tears but we have each other and ultimately we have God as our Rock to lean on. What else could we ask for? So thank you Ethan for being an amazing encourager, leader and daddy in our home. Here’s to many more years together!

1 thought on “Celebration of a Year!

  1. Happy Anniversary to you both and to Rustic Corner soon coming up on a 1st year one,too.


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