Custom Creation!

Custom work is always a little bit nerve racking for us. We have customers come in with amazing ideas or  thoughts but most times they can’t quite tell us exactly what they want. It is usually something they found online or saw in a store some where. If we are truly lucky then they have a picture. In most cases we have quite a bit of creative license to take their idea to the next level and make it something they only dreamed of having!

IMG_4567In this case the customer came in with a picture and a few added ideas for a piece. They wanted a TV stand with two sets of adjustable shelves as well as two drawers. On the drawers, they wanted a diagonal pattern. They liked the rustic pallet wood and asked us to incorporate that as well.  With this in mind, Ethan set to work.

Ethan started out with 17 inch pine plywood sheets. He was able to cut them down into sections of 70 inches long and 32 inches tall to create the rectangular shape of the base. Using the Kreg jig he was able to assemble the base using 1 1/4 Kreg Jig plywood screws. On the top of the piece he created the diagonal pattern using pallet wood. He attached them with a nail gun. He then cut the middle divider shelves and attached them using the Kreg jig as well.

DSCF6003The feet came next. The customer didn’t like the angled look of the picture above but really was a fan of pipe. Ethan found 3/4 inch thick by 3 inch tall piping that when paired with a round floor mount made the perfect feet! He attached 5 feet, 2 at each end and 1 in the center of the piece.

The drawers were the next step.The space we had for the drawers was a little deep for what a regular drawer would be so Ethan made the face of the drawers larger in order to see the diagonal pattern. The face of the drawers are 34 x 13 inches and the drawers themselves are 30 x 15 x 9 inches. The drawers were all put together using the Kreg jig as well.DSCF6004

Ethan added trim around the top of the piece as well as the front to give the piece a finished, clean look. Once the building was done, Ethan applied a variety of different color stains to the pallet wood on the top and drawers of the piece. For the base of the piece, he coated the entire piece with a dark ebony stain. This color really makes the varying colors of the pallet wood stand out for an amazing WOW factor!

In order to show off the beautiful pallet wood as well as the color of the piece, Ethan applied a thick gloss polyurethane to the top. Once that was dry, he coated the whole piece in a semi gloss clear polyurethane.

All in all, our theory for custom pieces is to not make anything that we wouldn’t want in our own home.  Our pieces are always solid wood and showcase our own creativity and flair. DSCF6011.JPG

Cinderella on!



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