New Challenges

So this week’s post, I’m really excited to share about! For the most part, I write about projects that Ethan and I have worked on together. Well, I have been trying my hand at working on small projects on my own. The time has come that I am finally confident enough to share one of my own pieces!

I found this beautiful dresser with the flower medallion on the the front. 20160622_202226.jpgIt didn’t need a lot of work. There were only a few scratches and dents, as well as it was missing a few knobs. Ethan sanded the whole piece for me just to rough it up a bit. The paint adheres better when the piece has been sanded.

I am normally a white, black , or grey girl when it comes to furniture but Ethan suggested DSCF6263that we try something a little different. We went with Bermuda Bay, a gorgeous island blue. Painting the whole piece completely blue would be a little overwhelming, I thought, so I did a dry brush technique. This adds such lovely depth to the piece. No longer is it just a dresser, it holds secrets from years past. Well, that’s what it says to me anyway! If you’re not familiar with the dry brushing technique, it is really quite simple. It is just like how it sounds. I apply very little paint to the brush, for real though, very little! When applying it to the dresser, brush with the grain of the wood. With the small amount of paint,it allows for the original wood to peek though, giving that aged look. Once I was finished painting, I let the piece dry overnight.

Since I was happy with how the piece looked, I decided to finish it with a wax that one ofDSCF6264.JPG our vendors carry. Ethan picked the “Dark Umber” wax from Vintage Market and Design.I have to say, this has been my favorite brand of wax to use so far. I took a cloth and generously covered the whole piece. It was very easy to use and applied like butter! I let the piece sit for a few hours and then wiped off all of the extra wax.

The piece was missing a few knobs from the middle drawer when we found it. In my stash of odds and ends, I had a set of four knobs that I had been saving for just the perfect piece.I was so excited to be able to use them! Once the knobs and the rest of the hardware were in place, our amazing dresser was complete!

20160713_142127This was a very exciting piece for me. Since Ethan and I were dating we have loved to work on pieces together. He would show me how to do small things and I would help him with his painting skills. But in general, furniture has been Ethan’s “thing”. It was been exciting to show my husband that 1. I actually listen when he is trying to teach me things and 2. He is an amazing, patient teacher. We make an amazing team!

Cinderella On!

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