So many changes.. so little time!

After August I took a little hiatus from posting. To be honest, I didn’t really 14462814_10153849161376717_1479944012458280294_nknow what to write about. Life was consumed with Ollie, Ethan and looking for a house. After going through roughly 100 homes, at the end of September, we found a house! We were so overjoyed to be able to find a place that Ollie has his own yard and plenty of room to roam.14517603_10153849161466717_8109480975593805175_n Granted the house smelled of cat pee and looked like the 70’s but it is ours! We still officially have not moved in yet but we are hoping in the next month or so. I can’t  wait to show you all the lovely before and after photos we have taken!

To add a little more crazy to our life we decided to expand our business. We opened the second zone at the end of October!  It started out as one giant room with booths along the outside and a few open booths in the middle. Ethan has slowly brought more life to it by adding walls to separate booths, giving each space a cozy feel. It is now home to 12 Vendors with a variety of amazing wares for sale. We have been so blessed with the amount of vendors our store now has and the quality of their items.

Speaking of our wonderful vendors, untitled5Vickey is our only paint vendor at Rustic Corner. She has offered to come in to demonstrate Vintage Market and Design Paint and Products. They have a variety of paint colors, wax, and other items to give each piece a special flair. She will be here on Saturday, February 11th from 11am to 1pm. While Vickey is here she will be offering a 10% discount! I personally use Vintage Market paint for everything. The application is so smooth and it dries fantastic!

Deb is another vendor at Rustic and she will also be here on February 11th. She carries a variety of items in her booth but on the 11th she will be bringing in her LuLaRoe merchandise! She will be here from 11am- 2pm! Pop-Up Boutiques are so much fun! rsz_1facebook-cover-photos_spring-2015-v7.jpg

2 thoughts on “So many changes.. so little time!

  1. Frank and Elenor Marshall March 8, 2017 — 2:10 pm

    Dear Hannah,

    We had a power outage today so far since 7:00 a.m. but with the generator I can use the computer but not the telephone.

    Am anxious to know how you and Ollie are feeling today. Have been praying for you.

    Love in Him,


    P.S. You have done an excellent job in your Rustic Corner writings.

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    1. Hi MomMom! We are all feeling so much better. Ollie is still coughing a little here and there but fevers are gone. My respiratory are pretty much completely gone so that has been such a blessing. I can finally work on my house!
      Love you,
      Enjoy your time with Mom!
      Love , Hannah


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