We Are Rustic Corner!!

When Ethan and I first opened Rustic Corner in July of 2015, the only vendors we had, were ourselves! Crazy right? Today, Rustic Corner boasts a whopping 26 different vendors filling 46 different booths20170209_140618! With each vendor comes such a unique flare. Everything from antiques, macramé, soaps/ bath bombs, handmade signs, furniture and 20170209_140810paint!

Traditionally, each vendor has their own booth to create whatever masterpiece they wish. Some are very much one style, where as others branch out a bit. So we decided to try something new! About a month ago, we decided to create a combined vendor booth. Within this booth, we have items from every single one of our vendors! We decided to put this booth in one of our window spaces and it has been a wonderful success. We all might have different styles, but when we are all brought together, it looks pretty amazing! 20170209_140738

Heather, one of our employees was so amazing bringing this booth together. She was able to pick the right pieces from each vendor to really showcase our store!

The bathtub, which has been around the store for quite some time, is one of the focal 20170209_140721pieces and adds a fun place to show case some of our vendors that make soap/ bath bombs! Sarah makes Still Waters soap in a variety of different scents. Kathy carries Juniper Tree Glycerine Soap in her booth. The Soapie Frolic is made by Lesley. They carry a variety of soaps as well as bath bombs!
Many of our other vendors specialize in amazing home decor. Im always pleasantly surprised to see some of the very unique items in our store. Vickey, along with her paint from 20170209_140729Vintage Market and Design, always has a cow picture in one of her booths! I love it!  Heather brought in these gorgeous chandlier lights that highlight the rustic chic that flows through out the store.

So thank you to all of our vendors that make Rustic Corner one of the most unique shops on Chicago Dr.! Im very excited to see how this booth morphs and changes with every season.

Cinderella On!

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