What makes good into GREAT!

When I married Ethan, I married into his business as well. Now let me tell you, I knew absolutely nothing about booths and how they worked. Fortunately for me, Ethan is an amazing teacher with incredible patience. He has slowly taught me the tips and tricks of staging and arranging booths to make items sell. Well folks, we are two years into it and 20170223_162008I’m still learning!

At Rustic Corner we a  wonderful arrangement of experienced vendors as well as new vendors. It is so much fun to see the excitement of our new vendors as they expand their home businesses into a store. For many, learning the tricks of the trade is a very slow process but at Rustic Corner, Ethan loves to share his wealth of knowledge with anyone who will listen.

So what makes a good booth into a great one? There are a few major tips that seem to work in our store as well as others!

20170223_161758Tip 1: Balance your small items (home goods) with your large (furniture). Nobody wants to walk into a booth that only has furniture or vice versa, only has smalls. Think of furniture as your cake and the smalls as the frosting. The more frosting and decorated, generally the better. Don’t get me wrong, there is a point where there are too many smalls. A good
indicator of a frosting coma is when your furniture gets completely lost.

Tip 2: Lighting!!!! 20170223_161646This one is my absolutely favorite. Nothing says homey more than the soft glow of a vintage lamp or a string of light bulbs. People, like bugs, are attracted to the lights of a booth. They will gravitate and spend more time in booths that look like a home!

Tip 3: Change it up! You should be rearranging your booth once a week in order to sell items. At Rustic Corner we get a lot of repeat customers and if the booth looks the same as the last time the customer was in, they will not bother to stop to see if anything new was added. So keep those customers on their toes!! 20170223_162142

20170223_161503Tip 4: Keep it trendy! When customers come to Rustic Corner, they want to see the trendy items that are on the market. Vendors that stay on top of the trends are those who sell. Antiques are out but the whitewashed furniture is in! Chic farmhouse style is very popular with chicken mesh and rustic charm. Not saying that what we have here at Rustic Corner is what your going to find at Target. Each vendor brings their own spin to whats trendy for a one of a kind experience.

So customers and vendors, don’t just settle for good. Strive for GREAT!

Cinderella On!

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