Am I doing this right?

There are so many projects that Ethan and I have been working on lately, but somehow I just can’t seem to write about them. We find them, paint them and out they go, into the store. It’s such a process and yet sometimes monotonous. So I am going to write about what is on my heart this week.

We moved into our house 3 weeks ago today, which was very exciting and oh so much work! Ollie and I have been sick ever since, though. As I rocked, holding my feverish baby on our second night, I just couldn’t help but think. Am I doing this right? Am I being the mom that I need to be?

He is now a pro popsicle eater! 

Ollie had a fever induced seizure that night. Ethan and I were scared out of our minds for our baby boy. At the time we didn’t realize how common those types of seizures were and that the probability of it happing again is very small. But in the moment all I could think about is that I have no idea how to raise a child. It is like a pop quiz in school. Never knowing what I am going to be tested on and in this case it’s not just a bad grade but
another persons life! Ahhhh my goodness, that’s scary!

That same week Ollie was diagnosed with a double ear infection and a sinus infection. All I could keep thinking was that I should have brought him in sooner. So as parents, how do we keep the balance from being the annoying parent at the doctors office vs. the negligent parent who just assumes their child will work through it. As I asked my mom these things, she said “its just experience”. Well poor Ollie, I guess he just gets to be the guinea pig for Ethan and I as we learn!

Enjoying those snuggles! 

We are both feeling better this week and hoping that the feeling lasts! I am finally getting my energy back so that I actually want to work on our house. Crazy how once moved in, the projects seem huge and they get lost in the day to day chores of cleaning up after a 1 year old!

So I guess my two cents for today is this. Take parenthood day to day. Cry when you feel like you need to, enjoy the snuggles when they come and realize it is just today. Perhaps tomorrow will be better….. or perhaps not, but at least you learned a little something from today. You are one step closer to “experience”! Or at least that is what I have been telling myself!

Happy Thursday! Cinderella On!

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