Hopefully Green!

The Thumb of Death….. yup that is pretty much me when it comes to taking care of anything living! Plants, fish, frogs, you name it and I have probably neglected to feed it, or water it. When Ethan and I first found out that I was pregnant, he would joke that I would forget to feed Ollie and that he would have to be the one to remember. Well Ollie took care of that one all by himself. He still does in fact. Lately, Ollie seems to live in the pantry or the fridge. Bottomless pit, and I hear it only gets worse when he gets older. But at least he is my chubby bottomless pit!

Anyway, my lack of green thumb is why I’m so excited about this weeks blog. Ethan and I have decided to sell Tillandsia air plants in the store! They are so beautiful and easy to takeimages care of, its crazy. We were able to find a wonderful variety of all shapes and sizes. They require sun and a spray of water a couple images-1of times a week. Then every 2 weeks they need to soak in water for about 10 minutes. So I am desperately hoping I can keep these ones alive since I want some to add some spice to our bathroom at home. But lets be real…. Ethan and Ollie will most likely be the ones keeping them alive! Hopeless, I know!

The ones we have in the store are in hanging tear glass shaped terrariums that look amazing. There are so many ways to display them, with miniature rocks, sand or even dirt. We decided to keep ours pretty basic with just the plant by themselves in the terrarium because I just love the simplicity of the air plants themselves. 20170323_164509

So for our first adventure in plants, we are both really excited. If they do well in the store we hope to branch out into more exotic and colorful air plants. I will just have to keep you38845 updated! And for our second adventure, by September we will be a family of 4! That’s right, Ollie is going to be a big brother! So here is to keeping the plants alive, Ollie and this new

Cinderella On!

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