Adding a little Sunshine!

With all of the liquid sunshine that we have been getting around here, Ethan and I 20170329_133923thought it was the perfect time to share our next project. We were able to get a custom job of revamping a family room! Now we definitely don’t do this often but we were so excited to take on this project. It is a typical house built in the 70’s, lots of dark wood paneling, everywhere.20170329_133935

The family room, roughly 13X17, sits to the back of the house
with 3 large sets of windows and a vaulted ceiling with gorgeous
beams. The fourth wall contains a fireplace as well as an entrance to the dining room. Now, the home owners main concern was the lack of light in the evening. With the dark wood paneling, as soon as the sun sets, it instantly casts many shadows through out the room.

My cute Hubby!

Our first step was to completely empty the whole room of all furniture and dust bunnies. We then decided to do a dry brush in white over all of the wood paneling. We kept the trim as well as the beams paint free to add a little dramatic flare as well as definition to the windows. It created an immediate lighter and airy feel. Once we were done painting, which seemed to take forever, we were ready to add the ladder. Now, this was the homeowners dream,

Just love the glow!

which we totally loved! By adding hooks to both ends and one hook to the ceiling, the ladder was easily attached with chain and hanging beautifully. With two sets of LED Christmas lights, the ladder was finished. There is just something about Christmas lights that create such a perfect glow and sense of being home. I am definitely jealous!

A little blurry, but the best picture of the whole space.

The homeowner had her own decor and specific items she wanted hung in certain places , so that part was easy. Once all the furniture and decor were placed in the right place


we were done!

The Family sign, Ethan and I actually made! It’s so fun it see it displayed in another persons home and looking amazing if I do say so myself!

So aside from a little bit of cleaning, painting was the main point of this project. Something so simple totally changes the look of this room! If you are feeling a little gloomy just try a little DIY project and what the transformation! It really is amazing and all it took was an afternoon!

Have to add a little cheese with the youtube fire crackling in the corner!







Well enjoy the rest of our soggy spring break! Remember to add a little extra sunshine to your day!

Cinderella On!

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