Being Home……

So today I am writing from my living room, which is odd because I usually save my writing for when I am at the store. But as I sit in the quiet, I can’t help but feel extremely blessed. Strewn around the living room are Easter eggs of all colors and sizes, mail left on the counters and dishes in the sink, but I couldn’t be more at peace.

It has definitely taken a long time for me to get to this point of living in the moment but, finally, I have arrived. I used to feel like, to be a successful mom and wife that the house needed to be spotless. Laundry done, dishes put away and dinner on the table with a20170420_142939 smile for when Ethan came in the door. Or at least that is what society has portrayed to us forever in books and movies. But in the past few weeks I have discovered that living up to that standard makes for a grumpy mom, neglected child and a confused husband who doesn’t know why you are snapping at him all the time. So I have learned to take things on a day-to-day basis. If the laundry gets completely done today, that’s amazing! If not, who cares. Throw a load in tomorrow.

I know the tasks of running a house can be monotonous but just today as I was sorting Ethan’s laundry, I found a pirate ship. Who knew the crazy pirates sailed the dirty laundry seas! I just had to laugh because although the tasks don’t seem to change, there will always be surprises along the way to keep us entertained. For 20170420_142916example, Ollie was helping me make dinner the other night (more or less taking food from the pantry and putting it on the table saying, “Yum Momma, Yum!”). As I laughed and enjoyed his busyness, I kept working on whatever I was cooking on the stove. The room grew quiet, which is always suspicious, and I looked to see my entire bag of powdered sugar all over the pantry, pot and pans, and the floor. As Ollie ate as much as he could get his little chubby hands on, I couldn’t help but shake my head and want to cry. Ethan came home that day to find a mountain of dishes in the sink, a cranky baby and a tired Momma. But we have to remember, that won’t e everyday. So enjoy the quiet moments to rejuvenate yourself, enjoy the busy ones that make the most memories but most of all, enjoy where you are. Don’t wish it away for better times, but rather, enjoy the crazy!

Cinderella On!

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