Relax Responsibly….

As a mom, how hard is it to stop yourself from doing the everyday chores? It’s excruciating right? Well, Ethan and I just celebrated our second year anniversary and were able to take a few days off. Time off from the store, chores and Ollie! It was a wonderful time filled with rest, recuperation and exploration. We decided on a stay cation, which was one of the best decisions we have ever made!
We were able to spend some of our time in East

955 Fulton St E, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Grand Rapids, exploring stores and tasting the amazing creations of Van’s Pastry Shop. The Blue Door is a shop very much like ours, with vendor spaces boasting farmhouse chic and old architectural charm. It was definitely our favorite store out of all

The Blue Door

of them we were able to visit. Their furniture was quality and had a fun variety of smaller items at great prices! In the basement, they had a unique collection of doors, windows and everything rusty antique.

As we finished up our time in East town at Reeds Lake, I couldn’t help but feel so blessed for the time we had to spend with each other. So much of our business is a give and take of time, effort and money, that we sometimes loose ourselves. Instead of our time being ours, it’s Ollie’s, our vendors, our house remodel or the other persons wants or needs. It was so refreshing to be able to pour all of my effort and love into my husband and vice versa. The dishes piled-up as well as the laundry but for three blissful days, it didn’t matter! The chores of daily life took a back seat and my marriage finally took over that drivers seat again. 20170516_132619

So from one exhausted mom to another, take a break from life when you can. It definitely isn’t easy, we had to plan for months to just get the three days, but so worth it. I don’t feel like snapping at Ollie or Ethan and I feel like Ethan and I are back on track together. It is so much better to brave life together with your spouse than trying to tackle it on your own!

Thank you to Ethan’s parents, who were able to watch Ollie and Heather, who ran the store for us! We couldn’t do it without you all!

Cinderella On!



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