What makes our business, marriage and life succeed? Somedays I don’t even know but what I do know is that we strive to do things together. The other day, we were working on fixing a bench for our front porch and Ethan asked Ollie to find his hammer and bring it to him. It took a minute for him to process but he remembered exactly where he put it and brought it to us. As the project went on, Ollie was able to screw, hammer and

Our first painting project! The floor covering got more paint than our toy chest did! 

paint with us. It brings us so much joy to be able to work together as a family to create beautiful things. In the meantime, we are teaching our son valuable lessons that he will always keep with him.

In our home, Ollie does not hear the word “no” very often. Im sure that makes some of you just cringe, but it is true. Instead of tearing that tool away, we teach him where and when to use it. Our success rate of Ollie’s understanding has definitely gone up recently and will continue to do so…. we hope! But isn’t it fun to see the glow of understanding that comes into those eyes and the pure joy when a task is finished successfully?!

In the past Ethan and I have tried to maximize our time but splitting up and accomplishing projects separately. In fact we tried it again this week. It never works successfully though. We both are exhausted, and more than likely didn’t have time to completely finish our project. We lost time together and it is so evident in our marriage. When we work together, our marriage and parenting succeed so much more.

Ollie was able to help us with this weeks project which is quite fitting considering it is going in his room! We found this piece in our store from one of our vendors! Our


vendors are amazing and we display their pieces everywhere in our home! Anyway, when we found this piece we knew it would be an excellent toy chest for Ollie and the new baby. A piece that we will have for a very long time I’m sure. It really didn’t need much other than a coat of paint. We decided to paint it white and black, after the barn at Post Family Farms, where we were married. It is fully painted but I didn’t get to wax it yet so Im not going to show final pictures quite yet! Come back in two weeks to see the final look in Ollie’s room!

As we cinderella new pieces, make dinner, or clean, we do it together. It makes for a stronger family and a much happier one I have found! So enjoy the little things and the teaching moments with your children. It can be frustrating at times but so much more rewarding when your kids can see the outcomes of their hard work.

Cinderella On!

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