Ollie’s Oasis

Everyone needs that one space or room in their house that they can totally relax in. For some it’s the garden, bedroom, bathroom or wherever they can read their book! As Ethan and I have been renovating our house, we have tried to make every room a place where some form of relaxing can happen. In some rooms that is easier said than done but with Ollie’s room, I feel like we have been truly successful!

ISivb13yq3q91u1000000000Hunter green walls, lace curtains and deer wallpaper, that sounds about as attractive as the last diaper I changed but that is where Ollie’s room started! 42217Needless to say, we changed all of the aesthetics in that room. We wanted a place for Ollie to be able to play, learn, and relax all in the same place. With two tones of gray and some white trim, the room had a totally different look. Ethan added two can lights to replace the one chandelier light and put up black outlet covers. We wanted to add a design aspect to bring a little warmth to the gray so we added a multi tone wood wall. Ollie absolutely loves it and always talks about how Papa made that for him!


Gathering items for a room is one of the most exciting parts of the whole process for me! I love finding one or two signature pieces and just seeing how the room blooms from there. We found the rug on Amazon even before we had finalized the papers for our 42194house but Ethan and I fell in love. The colors, pattern and shag were something that we knew Ollie would love to play on and he enjoys playing hid and seek with his smaller toys! Playing off of 42214the variations of blues, we were able to find his cow picture, curtains and incorporate the Butterfly saying that we had from his nursery. The barn toy box was one of our newest find and Ollie loves it, even though he has to reach on his tippy toes to reach the bottom. This past week Ethan and Ollie were able to put together his rocking chair, which completed our quiet corner!

Papa Time is the BEST! 

Overall, we are so happy with how his room turned out! I’m sure it will keep blooming as we find new pieces and change things as he grows but for now it works for us. He greets us every morning with smiles and sayings about his “Moo Cow” so thank you Vickey for that find! For that matter, thank you to all the vendors that have contributed to his room. I always know we have success vendors when I want their items in my own home! So if you are remodeling, keep striving to create that Oasis in your own home because stay cations are needed every once in a while (lets be real, I take a mini stay cation every day with

His elephant rocker! 

my book when I can) and what better place than your own home.

Cinderella On!

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