Little Boy Blue

Steamer trunks filled with balloons, pink lemonade, blue powerade,

The Sweet Treats

strawberry/blueberry flavored popcorn. Gender reveal parties have become a thing of our generation. It’s a fun way to share with your friends and family the gender of the new baby!

Popcorn Bar

In the week leading up to our party, I learned a lot about myself and how I function under stress. I’m sure there are other moms out there that can’t bring themselves to delegate when it comes to crunch time. There is this need/want within us to be Super Mom and get everything done, while watching the 20 month old. Crazy, right?

Due Date Guessing Station

As I snapped at my son and husband for the hundredth time in one day, Ethan told me to call off the party. He wasn’t going to live with a wife who was going to act like a crazy person for a week before the actual event. Light bulb! What is so important about tissue paper balls, monster cookies and painted trim, that I would literally become Lex Luthor to Ethan’s Clark Kent. Let’s just say the rest of the week was spent telling family members how they could help and working on small house projects that wouldn’t totally overwhelm us. As things slowly came together, our anticipation for the party grew immensely.

On the day of the party as final decorations went up, we were so excited to share the 43066wonderful news that Ollie would have a little brother as his new partner in crime. As the FB_IMG_1499963608305guests arrived, they didn’t notice the unpainted trim, lack of kitchen cupboards, or the fact that half of our basement is still under construction (or if they did, they were nice enough not to mention anything!). They saw the love, joy and contentment that permeates the house on every level. The tasks that seemed so important at the beginning of the week, were completely forgotten as family members caught up on gossip, cousins played in the sandbox and food was devoured.

So ladies, you are a super mom regardless how many times you ask for help during the week. Ever heard of the saying, “It takes a village…..”. In my mind that doesn’t just refer to all things children, it’s just life in general. We all need a little help (or a lot) every once in a while (or everyday), just embrace it!


Cinderella On!

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