Learning Curves…..

Parenthood…… continuous learning curve right???? Kids go through these stages of learning, discipline, and then that sweet spot where they figure out how to function correctly with their new knowledge. Ethan and I have loved seeing Ollie go through

Early Ollie meltdown days…. Guess I would too if I was stuck in a cold pumpkin 😦 #parentfail

these stages. Of course we love the sweet spot but the kid is such a curious bugger that he learns to do something new pretty much everyday. Then we are thrown right back into another whirlwind of testing boundaries and “end of the world” meltdowns.

As adults we don’t generally get to have those meltdowns but we go through learning curves just the same and have the mental capacity to adjust and function in everyday life. The same concept applies to Rustic Corner and our vendors. There are styles and fads that were in style when Rustic opened two years ago (Yeah, for two years!!!!) that aren’t even talked about now. Styles and opinions change rapidly in our business and in order to keep our businesses in the black, you need to change with them too.

Ethan and I spend a lot of time flipping through magazines, searching on Pinterest and wandering the home decor stores to see what is out there and where people gravitate to.

Early days at Rustic Corner. We started building up the walls!

We then take this new knowledge and figure out how to incorporate it into our store/booths. A lot of the time we have to teach ourselves the new techniques for painting, staging or pricing and most of the time we really enjoy doing it. For instance, Ethan’s sister, Mari came over on Monday for girls night. We ended up finding youtube tutorials for canvas paintings. As we worked away, each listening to our teachers when we needed assistance, I couldn’t help but realize that even though we just wanted to be with each other and it didn’t matter what we did, we ended up learning new techniques. Techniques that we can incorporate into our booths with a fresh style and new look.

The same booth…. just a year and a half later! 

So I challenge all those vendors, parents and kids out there to embrace the learning curve. Find fun ways to teach your kids how to become successful adults. As adults, loosen up a little bit and embrace your inner child. But always keep learning and teaching others. There is nothing worse than being left behind because you were to stubborn to embrace the change.

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