Puzzled looks and Belly Laughs….

So the other night Ethan and I were chatting about Rustic Corner and how we just celebrated two years of being open. As we shared our favorite memories, we couldn’t help but reminisce about all the odd things/people we have met. There are just some scenarios that only occur when you own a resale shop. So in the spirit of laughter, we decided to share a few memories with you today!

When I first started running the store, I was super nervous about people coming in and trying to sell us things. Being new to the market, I wasn’t confident on the going price for many items. But there are just some items that had me puzzled as to why someone would think that they could resell them. For instance, back in the beginning of our business…..

“The ding of the bell and rush of cold air had me glancing up at the front door to see a spry older lady, hunched over with the heavy weight of what looked like a brick. As she struggled to lift it to the counter, I couldn’t help but notice that it had a handle. She looked up at me with eyes that glittered as she asked me if I knew what I was looking at. Saying the first thing that popped into my head, I told her it looked like a brick. Disappointment flashed through her eyes as she started to explain that what she had was a bed warmer from the early 1900’s. She then proceeded to ask me what I was willing to pay her for bringing me this treasure. Puzzled, it took me a minute to respond that we were not interested in buying it. Looking as if I kicked her dog she pulled her bed warmer to her chest and proceeded to head to the door. Feeling like the worst person in the world, I quickly shouted to try the other places down the road. Giving me a backwards wave, she shuffled out to her car.

Flash forward a few months……

Ethan sat at the counter today as people bustled in and out buying for the holiday season. An older gentleman came in with a large box. As he set it on the counter, he asked Ethan if he was interested in looking at the treasure he had. Ethan glanced into the box and didn’t see anything but newspaper. Puzzled, he asked him what he was supposed to find in the box. “Newspaper of course”, the older man replied. He then proceeded to ask Ethan if he wanted any. Letting him know that we were all set with packing paper and that that was the only thing that we used newspaper for, Ethan kindly told him no. Completely flabbergasted with his mouth hanging open, the man angrily spewed that we were desecrating something valuable. That the newspaper needed to be kept as if a sacred relic that only Indiana Jones would be brave enough to locate in a cave somewhere. Not even waiting for a reply, the man stomped back to his car.”

As we relived these moments with each other, we couldn’t help but bust a gut with tears streaming down our faces. Now, it might seem mean to laugh at these

wonderful people who just wanted to bless us with their treasures but come on people. Bricks and paper just is not where we make our money these days! But never-the-less we love what we do and the joys that it brings. Everyday is new, with many stories. So take a little time this week to remember where you have been and the laughs that you had. Bust a gut and shed some tears. It’s good for you!

Cinderella On!



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