Nesting…Definitely a thing.

Nesting…. that crazy thing that happens to every pregnant woman around the time that baby is due. It is almost as if everything is not in its right place, clothes washed and folded, crib set up and car seat ready in one day, then we failed. As Ollie and I tried to 20170821_195240accomplish this task earlier this week, I couldn’t help but laugh. I would neatly fold blankets and place them in their proper place and Ollie would come behind me and 20170821_195225“help”. Baskets dumped, blankets all over the floor and one grinning child saying, “Helper Momma”. Yeah, this process just might take a little longer this time around!

As Momma’s we just have this need to make sure everything is ready for that little life coming into the world and not until that happens can we relax enough for labor to actually start. Am I right, ladies? But for me, I think I am this way all the time. Ethan and I have this running joke that he is the “fly by the seat of his pants” man and I am “Miss Schedule”. I like to have my lists and check them twice or more. In this way, I think we compliment each other perfectly.

For the past few weeks, Ethan and I have been gathering, preparing

Staging our booth for the show!

and creating for the Found Cottage Mercantile Market happening on September 1st and 2nd. This will be the first show for us to do as Rustic Corner. Ethan has done a few before we opened our business but, for us, this is our showcase. As the day approaches and the details get ironed out, we can’t help but be excited. I guess, for us it is because Rustic Corner was baby number one for us! To see it grow and become something more than either of us could image, has been extremely rewarding.

So to all of those momma’s out there with their babies and vendors with their businesses, keep nesting. Keep preparing for those next steps. Even though it might take you longer to get there, with all those “helpers” that come and go. Persevere because you are nesting for a very good reason.

Cinderella On!

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