Step Up!

Short Update on Ollie: We were able to come home from the hospital


last wednesday and Ollie is doing much better. They still aren’t completely sure what kind of infection he had but the antibiotics finally started doing their job. With the infection scare, the doctors are pushing for a next step from us on treatment for our little man. So please pray as we evaluate our options (surgery/ drug therapy) that we will be able to make the right decision in that area. We don’t want to make too many changes since baby will be 16337.jpeghere before we know it and all of our lives will be thrown off kilter for a while. 

So with Ollie well and only two short weeks before baby comes, Ethan has decided to step up our game. Amazing timing right? With every business, there comes a time where things become stagnant. We do the same things, show up at the right time and punch that time clock. Well that gets boring and customers can tell. As a couple we have looked back at the last few months and have been disappointed with our presence in the store. It has been less than mediocre and the time has come to step it up! With our booth at the Found Cottage Mercantile Market, we learned a lot of tips and tricks as well as realized our potential for greatness. 

Here are a few things we learned, which will be especially useful to those who are vendors in shows this fall.

1: Pack more small items than you think… triple. When people come to shows, they aren’t really looking for large pieces of furniture. They want those uniquedecorative items to accent their home. 

20170906_171223.jpg2. Cash. Husbands don’t send their wives to shows like this with the credit card! So be prepared to make change.

3. Tall Dressers and Table/Chair sets. The furniture that has been selling are the taller chest dressers and a full dining set. So the table with the chairs. They can be hard to haul but they also make great spaces for displaying all of those smalls.

4. Paths. Having a distinct path into and out of your booth helps with the flow of people. It also makes people spend a little more time in your booth. The longer they are in the booth the more things will catch their eye.20170906_171242.jpg

5. Hotspots. Pay attention to where items are selling in your booth. For us that spot was right by the front aisle. Everything we put there sold, regardless of what it was. So as things sell from those spots, keep replacing.

6. Keep hopping. Always be moving things around in your booth. Something just might not be catching people where you have it, so switch it up a bit. If it looks like you put out new items, customers will come back through again. 20170906_171200.jpg

We decided to recreate our booth that we made for the show, to represent us at the store permanently. With this new backdrop and fresh motivation, we hope to implement all the tips mentioned above to create a more satisfying shopping experience for our customers. Because lets be real, most of the time we shop, it is not because we need anything, it is for the experience. So please stop in to see our newest booth creation and keep checking to see how we step it up through the holidays. Hopefully, the rest of our vendors will step it up too and help make Rustic Corner a shopping destination! 

Cinderella On!

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  1. Really cool. Prayers for Ollie too!

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