Smitten with all things new around here!

So if you have been following our family or the Rustic Corner family, you know that things never stay the same for very long around here. It is our philosophy that to stay stagnant is to lose passion, drive and ultimately customers.

The week before Declan was born, Ethan and I decided to paint the front of our store.
It was a project that needed to happen forever ago and we were very excited to do it. Our sign has always been lacking as it didn’t have the “wow” factor to attract customers. So with a little bit of white/ black paint, an epic sign designed by Ethan and some elbow grease, we created our new look. We are both super excited about it and so are the customers! 22256593_1538525152883347_7358767856958958320_o



The busier we get as a store, the more need for space arises. So Ethan has started to renovate the next section of our store! That’s right, we will be expanding again! In my mind, I feel like we just expanded not too long ago but it was back in May, so I guess it is time. The goal for opening this next expansion is January but we will definitely keep you all updated.

Next week (October 12th- 14th), we will be participating in another event with many other local shops. It is called Smitten with the Mitten and we are very excited about it. Cheryl, from Cheryl’s21432720_1437278516386068_7227499927833309976_n Cottage Home has created this event as a fun way to shop as well as bring in some much needed winter gear for people in need. As a customer, if you bring in a pair of mittens/ gloves to any of the participating stores, you get 10% your order at all of the participating stores! For ambitious customers, if you visit all of the stores and make a purchase, you will be entered in a drawing to win one of eight $50 gift cards! We would like to encourage all of our customers to participate in this first ever shop hop. It is for a great cause and a wonderfully fun way to kick off the holiday season! 

Not to forget our little man, Declan! We are totally smitten with him too! Oliver has done such a good job in his new role as a big brother. He loves his “D” and is never short on kisses for him. Ethan and I are doing well, sleep deprived (so excuse any grammatical errors) but still functioning! 22048103_10154962119866717_591223419031941324_o.jpg

So we hope you stay “Smitten” with our store and its ever changing look. Bringing you the best shopping experience with quality items is what we strive for. Let us know if you have any suggestions for us!

Cinderella On!


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