Not just a Mom.

Making meals, washing dishes, cleaning bums, building towers and watching your sanity fly out the window. A day in the life of a mom. With Ollie, the transition from just being me to being a mom was an eye-opener. Ethan can attest to the fact that I was a wreck in pretty much every way possible. So with Declan, I was nervous but confident that I wouldn’t completely fall apart. Apparently, I was over-confident……. I wasn’t prepared for the fact that I would be up all night with Declan and then up all day with Ollie. At least


with Ollie, I could sleep when he did. Ethan has been an amazing help with both of the boys, letting me sleep while he holds off the hungry beast or waking up early to watch shows with Ollie. But in the midst of all of this chaos, being me usually gets moved to the back burner.

Every mom can attest to the fact that most times, what needs to be done takes precedent over our wants/needs. Ethan and I were sitting on the couch with the boys one evening and I kept smelling this awful smell. Lifting up both boys to do the trusty butt sniff, I was baffled, they passed.  My next look was at my husband. After he admitted that it wasn’t him, I had nowhere to look but myself. Slowly lifting my arm, I am truly embarrassed to admit that I smelled like a middle school boy straight out of gym class. How gross it that, right? So ladies, I’m sure I’m not the only stinky mom out there. How many times have we forgotten about ourselves or were just too tired to care anymore?

Most days I play a game with myself. Get the dishes done and then go take a shower while the boys are sleeping. Well, the dishes turn into laundry, floors and work for the 20171012_160139store. Before you know it, that moment has passed. What I have realized is that I need to stop worrying about everything all the time and realize that if the dishes don’t get washed or a load of laundry done, that it’s ok. I need to take those few quiet moments for myself and not feel bad about it. It’s my time to drink coffee, eat ice cream and watch my show or take a nap (that would be the responsible thing to do).

So ladies, three cheers for messy homes, happy kids, clean moms and sanity not going out the window (hahaha at least we can try). Prop those feet up, take that bubble bath and just enjoy your life! Don’t forget about you! And clean those pits………always remember the pits!

Cinderella On!

3 thoughts on “Not just a Mom.

  1. A good lesson learned. We need to put all of
    our worries away since most don’t even happen and we cannot solve them anyway by worry.

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  2. Good job. Just be a mom. I was too picky with my home. Time flies…and if u stink a little just burn a Be blessed.

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