One of the greatest gifts…..

Soaking wet floors, drenched mom, dirty dishes, and one happy child. This occurs every time that Ollie and I do dishes together, which is basically everyday. It used to bother me, a lot. The more water on the floor, the more my blood would boil. Didn’t my two year old realize that he was getting in my way, that I was working and spending two hours doing dishes was not in my agenda for the day. It is times like this that I have to step back from whatever task that we are working on and just watch. Watch the joy, the wonder and perseverance of my little man. As I sit and enjoy seeing him chase after that renegade piece of corn with his tug boat, I can’t help but feel incredibly blessed. My son wants to be with me, he wants to work and learn from me. How can I be upset about that?

One of the greatest gifts that God gives us, in my opinion, is the ability to teach our

20171015_160235.jpg children. Ethan and I have tried to make every moment a teaching time for Ollie. He has his time where he plays but for the most part, Ollie works with us. For Ollie’s entire life, he has been around construction. As we have started our remodel for the store, Ollie has been there to break apart pallets with a hammer, screw in drywall with the power drill and collect tools for his papa. Those are things that most two year olds don’t know how to do but with Ollie, he thrives for knowledge. He loves the fact that he can help and that we enjoy helping him try new things. Does it take us twice as long usually? Oh yeah. But we have learned/ decided  not to care. To us it is more important that Ollie learn how to carry merchandise up to the counter, or put the roller carts under a piece of furniture so we can move it. So we ask, on the days that you see our little helper at the store, be patient with him. His little brain is under construction and we are trying to be the best parents we can be by teaching him. 


So, for all those mommas out there with little helpers, enjoy the moments that they actually want to help you. Relish in the fact that they look to you for guidance and knowledge.Don’t let your blood boil over the water on the floor or the honey that turned into hair gel, but rather realize that they won’t be this little forever. I have been told they grow up someday….. Be the best teacher you can be, because it is truly one of the greatest gifts that we have been given.


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