All about the prep

I was listening to the radio on the way to library time with the boys the other day and the announcer mentioned a statistic about Christmas music. He said that the earlier in the year that you listen to Christmas music, the more panicked and stressed you will be about the holiday season. As I rolled that idea around in my head a little, I came to the conclusion that for our family, it seems to be the exact opposite. The opening notes of Carol of the Bells or O Holy Night cascaded through the speakers in the car and I felt an overwhelming sense of peace flood through me. We couldn’t be more excited for the holiday season, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t times when it can get overwhelming. The key to success here is the prep….

As Thanksgiving approaches we all rush to buy the ingredients for family recipes and prep our homes to hold the abundance of family coming. My challenge for all of you, is to enjoy the process of the prep. Start early enough in your week to have time to make that pie with your little ones. They love to be helpers and I know for Ollie, if it means he can visit his favorite neighbors with treats, he bakes with gusto! Every year I am in charge of making ribbon jello. It is an eight layer jello dish that the family loves. Ollie wasn’t really

Helping make Spaghetti Squash!

able to help me last year, so I am very excited to start this tradition with him this year.

Prepping doesn’t have to just be for the holidays though. Ethan laughs at me some times because I might over prep occasionally. Gasp! Over prep? To me there is no such thing but that is because I love being prepared for anything. Every night before I work at the hospital, my lunch is packed, breakfast made, clothes laid out and everything I need is by the door. What Ethan doesn’t realize is that I am just ridiculously lazy at five in the morning! But it works! My mornings go smoothly, I am not stressed and I am ready to conquer the day.

We all know the holidays are coming right? They happen the same time every year so we really should never get overwhelmed, frustrated or stressed right? Ethan and I have enjoyed our Christmas’s that we have spent together. Not because of the gifts we give each other but rather the time spent with one another.

Had to add a picture of Little man! He is growing up so fast. 

Try making this year more about spending time together as a family and less about running around to the stores. Plan outings in such a way that you have extra time to play along the way and don’t over commit to things this year. Enjoy the process of the prep and reap the rewards of lasting memories with your loved ones. Relish the Christmas music, it only comes once a year!

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