As I sit in the warm glow of our Christmas tree, I can’t help but be excited for this time of year. Clem the camel and Little Blue Truck’s Christmas have been read 5 times each 20171128_200946.jpgtoday and the Little People Manger set has found it’s way into many rooms. The stockings have been used as bandages as our little Doctor has worked so hard to fix my “owies” and the ornaments have received much love. In other words, my sons had a blast today, and I am one tired mom. But memories were made.

This past week Ollie and Declan have experienced the magic of Christmas. Ollie was back in ER last Friday with another infection. We were able to catch it early enough that a hospital stay was not necessary but were sent home with antibiotics. On Tuesday we were back at the Children’s Hospital for a check up with his specialists.


Our little Elf! 

As he sat calmly on my lap as the doctors inspected his cheek, we heard jingle bells in the hall. His little eyes lit up as Santa and his elves came into the exam room. This smile on his face was the largest that we have ever seen as they let him pick his own gift. As Ollie waddled to the car, weighed down with his new Play Doh set, he couldn’t help but show every single person we came across. The simple act of getting a gift when it is least expected, can sometimes be the best gift of all. 

Our next stop that day was the tree farm. Ollie’s excited voice


filled the car as we rolled by hundreds of trees, “trees, Papa, trees”! He could not wait to get out of his seat. We rounded each tree with care, trying to find a fault and move to the next one, when we found our tree. It was what we call in our house a “tubby chubby” tree, sounding more like “tubba chubba”when Ollie says it. It was perfect. They shook, bailed and tied the tree to the roof. As we drove home we sang Christmas carols and enjoyed the lights. Now if you ever buy a real tree you know the true test is getting this thing in the house. Ethan had to trim the end and get rid of excess branches but it finally made it through the door and into the living room. Ollie and Declan watched from their chairs as Ethan and I strung the lights, regretting our decision to buy a Blue Spruce every lightbulb of the way.

Ethan and I have both decided that we are more excited about this Christmas than we


ever have been in the past. As I thought about it, I think it is because for Ollie, this is his first Christmas that he truly will remember. His joy at every step of the decorating process or gift buying has been sorefreshing. The simplicity of Christmas for him has been a joy to see and has helped me slow down to enjoy everything. Literally, we look at every house with Christmas lights!

So as you go about your normal activities, try to look for the unexpected Christmas gift. Whether that be lights, trees or spontaneous gifts for loved ones. Make memories and remember the true meaning of this season!


2 thoughts on “Simplicity

  1. Hanna,
    So enjoyed reading your Christmas story- I have a “heavy” day ahead and your story made me smile- warmed my heart and popped extra joy into my day💝
    Thank you for sharing your heart and joy with others!
    God bless!

    Liked by 1 person

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