Traditions… “the transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation, or the fact of being passed on in this way”. As we grow up our parents pass on traditions from when they were little or when even their parents were little. Time passes and some traditions fade as new ones are made. When Ethan and I started dating and time was spent with both families on the Holidays, it was hard to decide which traditions we would honor or which ones hit the chopping block. I have to say, in our first year of marriage, that was one of the hardest decisions. It’s hard growing up and having to pick between seeing your family or your in-laws for the holidays. But as we have added two little men to our family, choosing events is a must, for we cannot do it all.

Speaking of those little men, Ethan and I have made it our goal this year to start some traditions for our immediate family. Our first being, cutting down the Christmas tree. You all heard about that last time! The second tradition we created this year was a trip to 20171214_211748Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland in Frankenmuth MI. If you have never been, make a day trip there. It is definitely  overwhelming but worth making the memories. Every year we hope to make the drive in order to find ornaments for our boys. This year Ollie picked out a yellow digger ornament that he had to show every customer as we browsed. We were also able to pick out an ornament signifying our first Christmas in our home and of course Declan has his traditional ” Baby’s First Christmas” ornament. This tradition is so special to me, not only because the boys receive the ornament that describes what their favorite things were but that we can look at our tree and it tells a story. It details Ethan and I growing up a20171214_211801nd when we got married. It shows our babies and our love for them as well as each other. Next time you visit someones home, look for the story their tree tells. 

Another tradition we would like to try when the boys get older, is hiding the pickle on the tree. My parents have done this in their home for a number of years and it’s so exciting to see the joy and determination in each child’s face as they set about their quest for the pickle. Cookie decorating, sledding and hot cocoa drinking all make the list as well. So in other words, spending time together. That is after all the most important tradition, right? 

Take time this week to slow down a little, enjoy the lights on the tree, sip that hot cocoa, and write down a few traditions that have stood the test of time. Think on those memories and never forget how truly blessed you are. Keep spending time with your spouse and your littles, because they won’t always be with you for the holidays. Have a wonderful week! I know we will, there is cookie decorating and sledding on the



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