New years resolutions…. I always had a hard time at the end of the year even remembering what my resolutions for the past year were. Obviously I wasn’t very committed to making them happen. But whether you pledge to make a resolution or not, the new year is a great time to implement changes for the future. Ethan and I have always tried to make Rustic Corner something that we do together. As babies were born and life happened, Ethan took on the role of store owner while I was part time at the hospital and part time at home. I would do things here or there for the store whenever Ethan asked but I wasn’t really committed. As the end of December rolled around and the new year swiftly approached, the damn broke. The life and roles that we had given ourselves weren’t working anymore. Both of us were as burnt as a redhead with no sunscreen (ouch). Something had to give…

Through ugly girl crying and many “just hold me moments”, Ethan and I were able to make a few resolutions for the coming year. The first resolution to make the list was to make time for each other. We have started what we call “couch time”. It is time where children, technology and anything grabbing for our attention ceases to exist. We talk, listen and solve problems just the two of us. It brings us back to what really matters and helps us unite as a couple to take on the biggest of life’s challenges….(parenthood).

Our second resolution is to bring me back to the business. In a lot of ways Ethan has been running the store by himself and I was happy to let him. I am not business savvy or even pretend to be so this one will definitely be an adventure. But what we do know is that we make amazing things happen when we work together. He tames my flower child and I bring him back from the clouds!

The final resolution that we made together was to work our tails off this year. With another expansion coming for the store on the first of February and the new vendors that it will bring, we are excited for the opportunities it will bring with it. We hope to make Rustic Corner a stopping place for all generations with quality items for every home. We appreciate all of our vendors and are excited to see what our store will look like this time next year.

So even if you don’t make resolutions, try this year. Work on reconnecting with your spouse and your children. Make an effort to reach for the unattainable! You can do it! You never know, you might just surprise yourself. 20171127_175129

2 thoughts on “Reconnecting…

  1. So good to see you grow together and mature in your decisions together. Praying for God to bless your family

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  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to share a glimpse of your lives. I love visiting Rustic Corner when I’m in town (from Mackinaw City) visiting our daughters (one of whom is one of your vendors!). It is a lot to juggle everything you have going on and kuddos for you for realizing sooner rather than later that in the end it’s just the two of you. Making time for your spouse is never time wasted. God blesses that and gives you the strength to continue facing all of the challenges (big and small) that come your way. I thoroughly enjoy my Rustic Corner visits and chatting with Ethan. You are doing great things together! BLessings….


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