Kick worry to the Curb!

As Ethan and I grow through each new period in our life, there is always that moment or

20180122_151941moments of worry. It could be anything from our boys, the store or other peoples thoughts about us. 

When Ollie was first born, thoughts of “Im not good enough to parent him” or  “What if something happens to him” plagued my mind. Ethan can attest to that! As we would rock him to sleep we would pray. Pray for his little body, his mind and his future. The rest we give to God. He doesn’t give us more than we can handle. It might be hard and continually bring us back to our knees but with His help we persevere.

The store always has a potential for worry. As we open a new expansion on February 1st, many last minute decisions and plans need to be made.


We could choose to worry about which vendor will move where, what will our customers think, or if expectations were met. But where does that get us? It puts a knot in the stomach and scrambles the brain so every project takes twice as long. As a couple, we have tried to shift our focus from what we can’t control to what we can. Make purposeful decisions and execute them to the best of our abilities. Which brings me to my
20180119_190355.jpglast point.

Anytime we deal with the other people, customers, vendors or family alike, there is always an opportunity to offend or worry about what others think of us. As a couple we try to do what is best for our family and business. Who doesn’t, right? There comes a time in everyones life where they realize that thinking about the hypotheticals or worrying about events that haven’t happened yet is ridiculous. So here is to a year of being honest and open, trusting in God that He has our back and enjoying life without asking for more trouble.


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