You’re my Person….

“I don’t have to say a word. She just looks at me and sees who I am and how I feel and accepts it. She doesn’t try to change it or wants to change it. That person. There’s a billion people but I imagine there’s only one of her.” – Grey’s Anatomy

For all of my Grey’s Anatomy lovers out there, this is one of my favorite moments in the


Meredith/ Christina friendship. It is so rare in our world to truly find that one friend who gets you. Who doesn’t want to suck the life out of you and move on but gives just as much as she takes. I met this friend in 6th grade as I body slammed her into to some bleachers to make the game winning touchdown in ultimate passing football…. pretty sure she hated me. As time went on, we had classes together and eventually ended up playing on many sports teams together. She grew to tolerate me and now we call each other best friends.

If any of you know me personally, then you probably realize I am a bit of an introvert. Running the store and working at the hospital are activities that I love, but drain me completely. With that in mind, I tend to be very selective in who I hang out with. Beth has truly stood the test of time. Through college we kept in touch, maybe a phone call a


month, but never failing to pick up right where we left off. She has recently moved back to town and I couldn’t be happier.

So I just wanted to take a minute and say “Thank you” to someone who has been a constant blessing, friend and goof ball in my life. If you are so lucky to have a friend like Beth in your life, don’t hesitate to thank them. Recognize the blessing that they are and cherish the moments you get with them.

I can’t wait to see the what the next fews years will bring, I’m sure there will be many ups and downs but life is easier when you have an amazing husband and an equally awesome best friend!

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