Gaining Perspective

The front door clicked shut and my heart sank, there went my buffer. Most days, when Ethan leaves for work, the boys and I have so much to do that we stay busy all day long. But that day all I could see when he left was my lifeline walking out the door. We made it about an hour before I made my “I’m losing my mind” call to Ethan. We chatted for a few minutes, long enough for me to realize that I was missing out on a whole lot of life going on around me without even realizing it.


We had gotten a snowstorm the night before. The beautiful kind with fluffy, sticky flakes that grace every branch on every tree with sparkles. As I gathered the boys to the 20180308_095017windows in our home, I couldn’t help but be disappointed in myself. While I focused all my attention on myself that morning and how I felt, I was missing out on God’s creation. Deciding that we couldn’t fully appreciate this gift without being in it, the boys and I took a drive. We took the slow way to the store to visit Ethan, which happens to pass by the Grand River. The trees stretched down to meet the water with their heavy branches and the sun shone bright. What a beautiful wake up call.

Later that day we moseyed our way home and when we walked in, we were greeted with the same mess, the same kids, but this time around, it didn’t seem so overwhelming. Knowing that my God could do something so beautiful overnight, gives me hope. It helped me realize that the moments that I was living were simply that, just moments that pass. Sometimes it’s just nice to take a breather from whatever 20180301_110946situation you’re in to gain perspective.

Ethan and I tend to do the same thing with our booths. Sometimes when we are working, the pieces just don’t seem to blend. 20180308_103006Oftentimes we end up leaving for the night and coming back with fresh eyes. It also works if just one of us is staging, to call the other and we video chat. He can show me what he is working on and I can give him my two cents.

20180301_113845More often than not, the booth looks amazing and we only end up moving one or two things when we come back to it but sometimes its the little things that make all the difference.

IMG_20180308_142808_923So if you are struggling with your day, stop a minute to ask yourself, “Is this just a moment that will pass”? Once we realize that the situation that we are in won’t last forever, it is much easier to gain perspective on everything else. Look for your snowstorm and take a drive when it comes!

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