How to: Design Basics

Whenever learning a new skill, always start with the basics and work up from there. In the near three years that Ethan and I have been married, he has taught me a lot about designing booth spaces as well as our home. That’s right, all of our gorgeous displays at the store, those are Ethan’s creations! 20180404_162642.jpg

When thinking about designing a space, the first step is finding your focal point. This could be a large piece of furniture (buffet, fireplace or desk), or even a family photo/ artwork. Once you find that piece, start building around it, keeping in mind that you never want to draw attention away from your focal point, ( the screaming two year old in the middle of the room does not count), but rather directing attention to it.

Once your focal point is set, the next step is placing all of your other large pieces in the space. Keep in mind what kind of flow your want in your space. Whether designing a booth space or a room in your home, the concept is the same. People need clear pathways to get in and out of the space. Only provide one spot to enter and exit a room and people start to feel trapped and panic. So always make sure to have an entrance as well as an exit. People will wander with ease and spend more time looking at the items in your space. Besides clear race tracks are always helpful when raising boys, less items to get in the way or get broken!

FB_IMG_1522858379351With our bigs in place, it is time to decorate with the smalls (candles, signs, flowers). The key in both home design as well as booth design is to use the space you have wisely. It is super easy to over clutter an area with items that don’t mesh well together. That being said, sometimes just taking out one piece will bring the cohesiveness back to the space. So if something doesn’t feel right, completely starting over isn’t always necessary.

For me, decorating with smalls is always hard because simplicity is my best friend. I love adding just enough to create a beautiful space but when decorating booths, the more you put in a space the more product you can potentially sell. The key is decorating so that it doesn’t feel overwhelming.  I mentioned this earlier in a post, but I like to think of decorating with smalls like frosting a cake. Slowly adding layers and finishing touches until it is just how you want it.

Well there you have it, a very basic look at designing a space but I always find myself going back these simple steps. Designing a room isn’t so overwhelming when it’s done with layers!

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