Team Bohlman!

Hello Everyone!!! It is finally sunny on this beautiful April day! I don’t know about you, IMG_20180410_132109_142but I am definitely ready for some warm weather. The boys are ready too, park days are a must! As I sit in my rocking chair, picking up some rays, I wanted to share a little bit about how Ethan and I do life together.


To say we are a team is kind of an understatement. We thrive on working, playing and relaxing together. While Ethan is running the store,  I like to browse for furniture pieces in the quiet moments. Some days are better than others, I can make a few contacts and set up a few buys. Other days, it is like a graveyard of busted up furniture beyond repair. It is these times that Ethan and I really see God bless us. We were talking last night about how when our buying budget is tight, God finds a way to bless us with abundance. As we reflected on our life together, we kept remembering those times of blessings. It always seems to occur when we are at our wits end, pulling our hair out in frustration and on our knees. God hears us and is with us all the time, but sometimes we just need that gentle reminder that even though Ethan and I have each other, and we lean on each other, we need to always be leaning on Him too. IMG_20180419_201420_885

We always like to involve the boys in everything we do. So last night was a picking night! As I loaded the boys into the car, Ollie was armed and ready for the evening. Snacks, 
IMG_20180418_080507_650check. Water, check. Toys for Declan, check. Tunes, check and we are good to go. While driving in the car, all over Grand Rapids doesn’t seem like much fun, we do what we can to make it exciting. As we point out different attractions out the window, we are teaching Ollie about his surroundings. He knows which roads lead to home, grandmas house or Aldi, yes Aldi, we love our food! On our picking adventures, we meet and interact with people of all sorts of backgrounds, which is really good for Ollie because he knows how to interact with everyone!

Ethan and I love to hear to the singing and laughter that come from the backseat. Ollie

20180418_102232 and Declan have reached the point that they love to hear each other laugh and will make all sorts of sounds to get a laugh. It does our hearts good to be able to run our business, spend family time together and pour into our boys in the process.

I love the way that Ethan and I do life together. There are times that we don’t always get it right and we lose our way a little but we always find our way back to each other. We try to focus on our blessings, enjoy our boys as well as each other and lean hard on God in the process!

Cinderella On!


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