If you read the blog from two weeks ago, then you know that Ethan and I just celebrated three years of marriage. I know three doesn’t seem long but to me it feels like a lifetime. I couldn’t imagine life without Ethan! For our anniversary I wanted to do something special for the two of us but mostly the goal was to bring a little part of our wedding back to life.

It all started a few months ago, the boys and I trekked over to my parents home and dug through my childhood closet. There, hidden all the way in the back was my wedding 24331dress. This was my first time seeing it since it was delivered to my parents after our wedding! Three years stuck in the back of the closet. Feeling nostalgic, mom and I had fun as she helped me back into it. It still fit like a glove!

The wheels began to turn and I reached out to my best friends mom who is a seamstress. It wasn’t ok with me that this beautiful dress had been locked away for so long. But lets be real, where can you wear a full length wedding gown again?

Mom Kris took on the challenge of transforming my gown! After several trips to her home for fittings and a couple of frantic text messages of “holding the scissors in my hand, are you absolutely sure”. My dress was ready!

My goal had been to keep Ethan in the dark about the whole project so that it could be a surprise. I think we made it up until about two weeks before our anniversary before he guessed what the boys and I were up to. It didn’t matter though, he was just as excited


about the whole project as I was!

For our anniversary we decided todo a little stay-cation in Grand Rapids for the weekend for some rest and relaxation. It was the perfect time to debut my new and improved dress! 

20180514_200911.jpgIn so many ways, my dress transformation parallels what we do at Rustic Corner all the time. We come across so many items that at one time had purpose and everyday functionality . But now they sit in basements, garages or even in the trash. To be able to alter their appearance, gives them the opportunity to be used again. I know my mom
really struggled with my desire for this project but now I can wear my dress again. It’s  not just forgotten and lost in the back of a closet! 

I know a lot of us keep sentimental pieces in our homes from family that has passed on or experiences that we once had. This week I really challenge you to find a way to incorporate those items into your everyday life. Bring them out so they can become not just items of your past but usable items in your present. Cinderella doesn’t just have to be a fairytale does she?



Cinderella On! unnamed.jpg


1 thought on “Cinderella

  1. Andrea Kinney May 18, 2018 — 4:59 am

    That is an amazing idea!!! Hannah and Ethan, you guys look great! Congratulations on 3 years!


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