So this week has mom brag-a-phone all over it, just a warning.

For all the moms out there, I know that there are so many moments you feel like your kids are going to push you right over the cliffs of insanity and instead of harnessing our unnamed-1inner Wesley and screaming “As you wish!”, we rally and push though. But what causes that rally? Often times for me it’s when Ollie comes from time out, tugs my legs to get me to come down to his level, sandwiches my face with his chubby hands and says “I’m really sorry Mommy”. Melt my heart why don’t ya! Those moments right there! That’s what I’m talking about ladies! It makes all the screaming and thrashing on the floor moments in the middle of Meijer seem so distant….. Ok lets be real, I’m still a little hesitant to go back!

Anyway, the real reason for writing this blog is to talk a little about my man Ollie. We20180506_205734 went to the specialist this week for our six month follow up. I sat back and watched how my big man automatically held out his arm for Rich, our nurse tech, to put on the blood pressure cuff and pulse ox. He stood tall while getting measured and resembled a statue while getting his weight checked. Bounding down the hallway, we jumped on every polka dot lining the floor on the way to the exam room.

Like every doctor visit, there is always some wait time. Waiting after getting checked in, for the nurse in your room, and finally for the doctor to make in to see you. But Ollie, he handled it like a champ. We played eye spy, ate snacks and blew bubbles.

When our doctor did make it in to see us, as parents, we chatted about our concerns and what next steps might look like. If anyone has seen recent pictures of Ollie, he looks like a prize fighter with a shiner on his cheek all the time. It isn’t from a fall or trauma of any unnamed-2kind. It is just what the new normal for Ollie is going to look like. He cheek morphs and changes all the time. The bruise might appear in a different spot and it might ebb and flow from day to day, we just don’t know.

As our doctor did her physical exam on Ollie, she would ask him to lie down, or stand tall, look this way or that way. After every request, Ollie would say in his jolliest of voices, “sure”! Now this kid has been though a plethora of doctors appointments but he still has the most amazing attitude ever. As parents, Ethan and I just sat back and admired our little spit fire of a man. We couldn’t be more proud!

Well my brag fest is over but listen up ladies. Those cliffs of insanity will present themselves every day if we let them. But the next time they appear, remember the moments your babies made you proud. Take a moment to think about when all that parenting and discipline paid off as you see your kids act and react in situations without your guidance. More often than not, they make us proud.

What is your “Sure!” moment? I would love to hear it! unnamed

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