1,000 Words

A picture tells a thousand words, thats what they say anyway. So as we embark into the summer season, I wanted to try something a little different. I have always loved taking pictures and I feel like I never get to share enough with all of you. So for the summer, I am going to be photo journaling! This will be my first crack at it so enjoy!


I dub this baby my little snuggle bug! He is so content to snuggle close, listen to books or watch Ollie play around him…. for a little bit at least. Oh and he is always up for a selfie with mom of course!


Best buds. As Declan has been learning to crawl, I have seen a new beginning for these two men. They laugh and play, steal each others food and wrestle. Yes, the wrestling has begun!
I couldn’t imagine parenting these two little amazing boys without this goofball as a helpmate. Ethan is an amazing Papa and playmate to our little men! Ollie has learned to LOVE corn on the cob. It is one of his favorites!
Ollie loves being an adventure man! In this picture we were heading to the lake. I have never met a little man who loved the water so much! He loves to swim, water the flowers and of course, spray mom!
This was Ollie’s first year that he will remember going strawberry picking! He had so much fun picking and eating. Not sure how many of those in his bucket actually made it home!
It took Declan a few minutes to finally enjoy where he was planted! But once he knew what berries tasted like, he was sold! I think his legs were stained red for two days!

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