Second Opinion for Oliver!

Hello Everyone,

Every once in a while we try to give you all an update on Oliver. So here is the skinny….

Two weeks ago we took a trip to the ER for another flare up of cellulitis within his left cheek. We started antibiotics and Ollie seemed to be doing better. Well, today we ended up at the hospital again with the same problem. The doctors seem at a loss about the cause of his cellulitis and are left to merely treat his symptoms.

Ethan and I have been struggling lately as to what to do about Ollie’s treatment. As parents, we have the responsibility of giving a voice to our kids when they are small and can’t make decisions for themselves. With that being said, we have been looking into other children’s hospitals for a second opinion for Oliver.

In our research, we have found that Boston Children’s Hospital has a Vascular Anomalies Clinic linked with Harvard that has been on the cutting edge of new treatments for Lymphatic Malformations. They have an online second opinion resource that would let doctors within that clinic look into Ollie’s medical record without us having to travel to Boston. With the application, comes a fee. At this time, with paying off Ollie’s hospital stay from last August, we simply don’t have the funds.

As a family, we have decided to set up a Go Fund Me account for Ollie. At this time, we ask to be flooded with prayers for wisdom and guidance, and if you feel so led, a donation. If you or anyone else you know has stories or suggestions about possible treatments, please let us know!

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