20180724_101433Short update on Ollie: We are a little discouraged at the moment, there has not been much progress from Boston. I

20180723_142928reached out yesterday and they said that Ollie’s specialist here at Helen Devos hasn’t turned over any of her office visit notes. This is holding up the whole process for them and making us a little frustrated. Hopefully by Friday I will be able to go down to the hospital and get a copy of his records to fax to Boston myself.


Transition: the process of changing from one state to another. Or in other words the ability to leave your baby in one spot knowing they are stuck there…… gone. The past few weeks have been so fun watching Declan become mobile. He follows us from room to room, vacuuming as he goes. The acoustics in our home have never been tested more as he now has the ability to steal toys from his brother and the kid eats! He is a never ending eating machine!20180723_171242

Even though all of these changes are fun to see, there are still those moments where I wish we could rewind a little. I am one who hates change. Ethan frequently listens to my woes as I complain of just figuring out one stage in my children’s lives, to have them grow up and move on to the next one. But transitions are good. They are the reason we grow spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.

The more I transition and grow to be a mature woman, with my own home, the more I FB_IMG_1532566106365.jpgfeel closer to my mom. We have moved from just the child/parent relationship to being true friends. We laugh and make fun of each other. I love going on adventures with her… she’s a little crazy but I guess that runs in the genes! But most of all, I love our chats. We share in our frustrations, our joys and our sorrows. And even though we have transitioned to friendship, she is forever teaching me.

So not all transitions are bad, most of them are hard but just remember to breathe. Take a minute to appreciate where this transition is going to take you and embrace the possibilities! Know that God is with you every step of the way to help you grow in ways you cannot even imagine. 20180723_145118(0)

Cinderella On!



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