Investing in Family

Short Update on Ollie:

After a few days of badgering the records department at Helen Devos, they were able to overnight all of Ollie’s records! We have felt the prayers! So the next step is waiting to hear back from the doctor writing the expert opinion. From what they told us, this could be anywhere from a week to two weeks. Once we get that report, we will let you all know! 20180802_171510


Last week our little family, along with my parents and two of my brothers families all when camping at a place called Tri Ponds. It is a wonderful campground in Allegan with so many fun activities for all ages. As we all settled into our cabins, Ollie was beyond excited. This was his first experience camping and I’m pretty sure we skewed his opinion as we glamped it up in our air conditioned cabin (oh well, right?)!

20180802_104854The three days that we spent there were filled with swimming in the pond, paddle boarding and trips to the bounce pillow. Ollie is a jumping machine! As we traveled from one activity to the next, we remained together. Making memories as we went. Our phone and laptops banned to the cabin as we enjoyed God’s wonderful creation. It was a time to build sand castles with moats, catch frogs, and catch them again as they escaped from buckets.20180802_101254

One afternoon I had the privilege of putting up my hammock and gently rocking to the breeze. I eventually fell asleep to the sounds of children playing, the turning of a page as my mom rocked in her hammock next to mine. It was wonderful. It was restful and exactly what I needed.


I feel that especially in the time that we live in, we need to create boundaries. Places and times to shut out social media, tv and video games.  In so many ways they distract us from making connections and meaningful relationships with people that live in our own homes! With our short stay at Tri Ponds, we were able to make memories and connections with not only our children but our nieces and nephews as well.


So as summer is winding down and the busyness of school approaches, be intentional. Strive to carve out time with your loved ones that is free from distractions and abundant with the opportunity to invest.   Take the time to slow down and build that sand castle or watch the sunset with someone you care about. More often than not, it is the simple things that fill us up and keep us going!


Cinderella On!

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