Coming Together…

Short Update on Ollie:

Well we haven’t heard back from Boston with a specific date yet. They originally told us October and then it was end of November. Needless to say, Ethan and I are a little frustrated, more me than Ethan since my level of patience is about the length of my little finger. But we have continued to pray that God take us to Boston on His time, not ours. He has a way of bringing everything together in ways that we cannot even begin to fathom. So please keep us in your prayers that Ollie continues to be infection free, that we hear with a date and for patience for this Mom!


40483842_1920760211326504_7756972981120663552_oLabor Day weekend has been very busy for us the past two years! As a store we have had the privilege of participating  in The Found Cottage Mercantile Market. Ethan and I had never participated in a show like this before last year and man was the learning curve huge! But as this year rolled around, we were excited rather than border-line panic attack. Progress already! Friday was wonderful, the sun was shining and the excitement of the crowd was palpable.

As Saturday rolled around, the black clouds were ominous. The thunder in the distance

Just missing my Dad. Dream Team for market day! 

raced to the north and we all sighed a sigh of relief. That was until another front rolled off the lake a few hours later. As a team we all scrambled to fit as much as we could under our tents. Content to wait it out, we huddled off to the side and prayed for a quick shower and hoped the wind would blow it past. As it continued to pour, the puddles inside our tent kept getting larger. At this point we needed to either risk losing furniture or start loading our truck back up.

I couldn’t fathom that though. We had planned and worked for months to sell at this show. This was our opportunity to pay off bills, finish house projects and get a good start into our next season. As I helped Ethan load the larger pieces of furniture, I couldn’t help the tears that streamed down my face. I was angry, frustrated and honestly a little bit broken. As I sat in self pity, the rain slowed. It eventually stopped and we had an opportunity to change around our set up, put up more tarps and try for a second go. 40586958_1920584828010709_6588119952459300864_o

We had an excellent team of workers with us that day who didn’t stop. They kept rearranging, helped customers and kept a smile on their faces despite being completely soaked. The rain continued that day, right up until the end. But we were able to keep right on selling.


Sometimes we need to take a moment and cry. Completely break down, ugly girl cry. Cry for our expectations that we weren’t able to meet, cry just simply cry. Now when we have cried all our tears, here comes the hard work. Getting back up and trying again. Please don’t waste your time trying to do it the same way and expecting something different to happen, that’s literally the definition of insanity. But work it out and try accomplishing your goals in a different way.

For us at the show, it meant moving a lot of our items to high ground, moving our check out counter and doing everything we could

40429981_1920584634677395_9011737201221828608_oto make the sale as well as create happy customers. For me at home, it means being content to work on laundry for an hour and feeling awesome about it. Or saying screw it, the house work can wait and my attention needs to be on my kids today.

So don’t be afraid to get upset and wallow in self pity when we feel like nothing is going our way. But also don’t forget to get back up, rework the problem and revel in your success!

Needless to say, this year at the market was another learning curve for Ethan and I. We know how to be more successful next year and we cannot wait!

40460759_1920584784677380_5191625097240117248_oCinderella On!

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